Bicyclists’ “Blackbox”


Wow! Great article with an amazing outcome (apart from the cowardly driver who left the scene).

I was struck 08-20-2009 by a motorist. A Blackbox camera would’ve been a great forensic resource.

As it turned out, the guy who hit me stuck around but had embarrassingly meager automobile insurance, so it was my own (yes, mine) automobile policy’s uninsured motorist coverage that benefited me. My outcome was C7 tetraplegia (paralysis from mid-waist down), and I dutifully joined the wheelchair brigade.

I urge all cyclists to buy and wear a good helmet, ride with your heads on the swivel, ears open, and to look closely at your own automobile (yes, automobile) insurance policies. Add or increase your uninsured motorist coverage ($500K min.).

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Passing This Along: Why Are Drivers So Angry At Cyclists?


Cyclists, ride in heavy motorized traffic areas? Motorists, drive routes frequented by cyclists? Others, know anyone in these groups?

Read on.

Though the deed’s been done, so to speak, I still read articles like the one linked below with interest. Partly cathartic. Partly wanting the cyclists among us to realize they are piloting vehicles over regulated traffic grids and can be hard to spot. Partly wanting motorists to realize that pedal powered road riders can be hard to spot, and that their impatience can and does easily flare into anger. At that moment they’re piloting a one and a half ton battering ram.

Not all accident-involved cyclists are in the clear. Neither are all accident-involved motorists guilty of malfeasance. But, phamous physicists’ notions are sometimes tragically proven when two and four wheeled objects, of distinctly different size, weight, inertial mas and speed, traveling on regulated traffic grids, with vastly unequal crumple zones, meet (contact force).

Often, the box score reads: Cars 1. Bikes 0.

So, read, hone your awareness, understand the potential of physics, appreciate crumple-zone inequalities, wear a properly fitted helmet (cyclists), and pass along. Thanks.

Why Are Drivers So Angry At Cyclists?