Three Equal Parts

My sisters and I had dinner together this past Labor Day Weekend. Sue drove over from Wheaton, and Dianne drove down from Philadelphia. I was a seven-eighths bachelor. The kids – all but Caleb – were scattered out of town. Allie, the “outest” of town, was in Sweden, Chip in Mt. Airy, and both EmContinue reading “Three Equal Parts”

A Thanksgiving Re-Tale

On Thanksgiving day, 2009, they left Atlanta for home. For two weeks after “graduating” from inpatient therapy, he battled a urinary tract infection with an antibiotic that unleashed his gastrointestinal nemesis, C-Diff, for the umpteenth time. She had traveled to Atlanta for what was to have been a controlled two-week outpatient program with support close-by,Continue reading “A Thanksgiving Re-Tale”

Mind the Gap, Pops

He sat compactly folded in his wheelchair on the Greenbelt Metro platform — his joints rigidly articulated at knee and hip. Though seated, it was clear, were he a literal, fully-unfolded pedestrian, he would stand six feet plus. It had threatened rain earlier but was still just dry and overcast. “So far, so good,” heContinue reading “Mind the Gap, Pops”