Blackberries, Or Bushes Afire?

Thanksgiving has become a calendar marker more significant than other holidays for several reasons. Time and Distance are two. But more significant are certain events on Thanksgiving Day 2009. While our expat and eldest daughter and her family (five in all) are living lagom in the distant realms of Sweden, we travel southwest this yearContinue reading “Blackberries, Or Bushes Afire?”

He Is Risen! Just As He Said.

Happy Easter! Diabolus now holds sway in mere feigned absoluteness. Our once great and horrible adversary, the king of terrors now the atonement-silenced accuser. Death now vanquished and stingless. Dominator turned doorway. A favorite song of mine below. Watch “Easter Song” on YouTube Hope you dig the ’70’s moog-synth riffs.

Heidel Holiday Greetings

It’s that time of the year again when holiday cards are exchanged (send me one and you’re gonna get one). And so, Shutterfly’s 30% Off promotion dangled in front of me, we once again received 100 holiday cards and envelopes, we bought 100 holiday themed postage stamps (two for a dollar), and out they went.Continue reading “Heidel Holiday Greetings”

Thanksgiving in the Time of COVID

Thanksgiving in the Time of COVID It is a good practice to look back. Not an easy one, but a good one. There are lessons once learned, then forgotten, which we benefit by recalling. Thanksgiving rolls around again tomorrow. Turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce . . . and a side of COVID. My state continuesContinue reading “Thanksgiving in the Time of COVID”

Out promised? Rifled? Emptied? Never.

I read and shared this Spurgeon M&E 5 years ago today when I was in the hospital for a few phased holiday surgical procedures a la derriere. In all, laid up for 40 days. As encouraging today as then. I hope you’ll find it so. Isaiah 41:10 — Fear not, for I am with you;Continue reading “Out promised? Rifled? Emptied? Never.”

French Toast, Fireworks and Freedom: Epilogue

Late afternoon thunderstorms put the kibosh on Capon Springs and Farms 7/4 fireworks, and power outage killed electricity and the elevator. As plan B, lovely heroic Alice and I found lodgings a half hour drive away at the Winchester Marriott Courtyard where there was power and cooling a-plenty. Back to Capon late Thursday morning toContinue reading “French Toast, Fireworks and Freedom: Epilogue”

French Toast, Fireworks and Freedom

It is a reasonably warm morning in Capon Springs, WV, site of many an extended family vacation since 1994. The kids’ Fourth of July parade has wound its way down to the Main House. A costumed dramatic proclamation of Independence has been Declared. The stars and stripes have been raised to a rousing hand-to-heart renditionContinue reading “French Toast, Fireworks and Freedom”