Three Equal Parts – Redux

Missing my sister, Dianne Irving on the anniversary of her birth. The eldest of Three Equal Parts. See her on the move . . .

Ice Bucket Substitution

OK. This could be TMI for those of you who are not voluntarily practicing medicine or involuntarily practicing persons with disabilities. So, if faint of heart or of tender humor, press ESC now! To my son, Chip: Whereas there’s no way I’ll top your creative approach . . . . . . whereas I’ll notContinue reading “Ice Bucket Substitution”

Believe Me, Kanye. They’d’ve Stood if They Could.

Mr. West, you cry “Hold!” in self-defense against those who are taking offense at remarks you made at and about two seated concert fans (well, perhaps former fans). As you know by now, they were wheelchair-bound for reasons neither you nor I need to know.  Microphone in hand, in the spotlight, basking in the glowContinue reading “Believe Me, Kanye. They’d’ve Stood if They Could.”

Nellie Johnstone #1

Nellie’s a friend of mine. So named in honor of Nellie Johnstone, daughter of William Johnstone who drilled the first commercial oil well in Oklahoma in 1847, which he named Nellie Johnstone #1. What’s the connection between an Oklahoma oil well and a suburban cock-a-poo, you ask? Well the Nellie Johnstone #1 derrick is inContinue reading “Nellie Johnstone #1”

Good Advice from the Dutch . . .

Hah-hah! Anyone have a line on wheelchair wash and wear? Colostomy-chic? Perhaps A-line appliance-wearer active wear?