Believe Me, Kanye. They’d’ve Stood if They Could.

Mr. West, you cry “Hold!” in self-defense against those who are taking offense at remarks you made at and about two seated concert fans (well, perhaps former fans). As you know by now, they were wheelchair-bound for reasons neither you nor I need to know.  Microphone in hand, in the spotlight, basking in the glow of Aussie adulation, refusing to continue singing until the very last concert goer was on his or her feet you were rendered wrong-headed and carelessly-spoken. Going forward, as your repertoire and discography grow, you may pick on some other growing disability group, or sufferers of chronic or acute conditions rendered unable to stand — if you dare. Before spouting off carelessly, here’s how to spot them: They’ll be the ones who, because of their low level limitations, and motor skills permitting, are clapping and cheering the loudest. One man to another: Next time, don’t spot them. Don’t dis’ them. Their paying your bills. Shut up. Sing. And, include them.

Published by cfheidel

Chuck Heidel here. Father of eight, married to lovely heroic Alice over 30 years. I'm a former midlife recreational cyclist, who was hit by a motorist while out riding in August 2009. Further validating Sir Isaac Newton's notions, the score that day was: Cars: 1. Bikes: 0, and I became a C7 tetraplegic, paralyzed from the mid-chest down. Author of WheeledWords:

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