Heidel Holiday Greetings

It’s that time of the year again when holiday cards are exchanged (send me one and you’re gonna get one). And so, Shutterfly’s 30% Off promotion dangled in front of me, we once again received 100 holiday cards and envelopes, we bought 100 holiday themed postage stamps (two for a dollar), and out they went.

This year’s card reflects a new address, a new grandbabygirl, and the usual cast of characters. The compulsory family mob shot is enacted twice – once seriously, and the other just a little less seriously (sic). Nellie B. Johnstone (aka, da dawg) was not afforded even the smallest of spaces on this year’s card and has been nigh on inconsolable, whining and howling all the live long day. The aforementioned family mob shot was taken at the luncheon we hosted 10 years following my August 2009 spinal injury — my Tenth Accidentiversary. Everyone stateside was on hand, and our Swedes (daughter Emily and her family) Skyped-in for the ceremonial remarks (and just a look at the delicious crab cakes). Not a dry eye in the house, as they say.

Despite that celebration — and there is a lot to celebrate — and my other clever non-sense, it has been a challenging year. Prevailing winds have often blown me into the doldrums, and my emotional rudder was often stuck hard-left, leaving me to circle there. On one of those days, I came across a few bytes of writing, set down by my daughter Ginny. They were a tonic for me, and I share her post with you. Even the Stones.

God’s goodness crowns the year. I bid you the happiest of holiday seasons, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Published by cfheidel

Chuck Heidel here. Father of eight, married to lovely heroic Alice over 30 years. I'm a former midlife recreational cyclist, who was hit by a motorist while out riding in August 2009. Further validating Sir Isaac Newton's notions, the score that day was: Cars: 1. Bikes: 0, and I became a C7 tetraplegic, paralyzed from the mid-chest down. Author of WheeledWords: wheeledwords@wordpress.com.

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