La Duchesse de la Cul de Sac Trent

“She grew up in an old house on 1 acre of decommissioned, parceled-out farmland. On her family’s lot were a vegetable garden, a swingset, and a sandbox where Mira and her brothers mapped out and modeled tiny golden domains.  Playmobil figures were their pawns, plastic shovels their tools of conquest. . . . ”   I think you’ll enjoy thisContinue reading “La Duchesse de la Cul de Sac Trent”

Passing This Along: Why Are Drivers So Angry At Cyclists?

Cyclists, ride in heavy motorized traffic areas? Motorists, drive routes frequented by cyclists? Others, know anyone in these groups? Read on. Though the deed’s been done, so to speak, I still read articles like the one linked below with interest. Partly cathartic. Partly wanting the cyclists among us to realize they are piloting vehicles overContinue reading “Passing This Along: Why Are Drivers So Angry At Cyclists?”