Really? Feeling a Bit Sick at the Moment.


I just read about an avid cyclist – a small bike shop owner and cycling advocate in Baltimore – who was struck by a motorist. The man was a husband and father. Forensics showed he was alive for some time after being struck. The motorist left the scene without tending to the man or calling 911. She returned twenty minutes later. The man died of head trauma but might have responded more favorably to immediate attention. She is an Episcopal Bishop serving in the Baltimore community with a previous history of DUI and possession of marijuana. She plead to lesser non-possession charges in that case.

Tragic. I hope, but do not trust, she’ll feel the full weight of judicial consequence for her commission of vehicular manslaughter.

Meanwhile, here’s a re-mention of my earlier pass along post about the Bicyclists’ Blackbox:

Remember, consider riding with others, buy and wear a good helmet, ride with your heads on the swivel, and keep your ears open.

Have a Safe and Happy New Year — Allez!

Bicyclists’ “Blackbox”


Wow! Great article with an amazing outcome (apart from the cowardly driver who left the scene).

I was struck 08-20-2009 by a motorist. A Blackbox camera would’ve been a great forensic resource.

As it turned out, the guy who hit me stuck around but had embarrassingly meager automobile insurance, so it was my own (yes, mine) automobile policy’s uninsured motorist coverage that benefited me. My outcome was C7 tetraplegia (paralysis from mid-waist down), and I dutifully joined the wheelchair brigade.

I urge all cyclists to buy and wear a good helmet, ride with your heads on the swivel, ears open, and to look closely at your own automobile (yes, automobile) insurance policies. Add or increase your uninsured motorist coverage ($500K min.).

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