Ein Deutsche Prairie Hund

A semi-auto-biographical childhood ramble in which young Seagy Hallstadt learns about his childhood wonderlands — real for a season, ethereal in the end, but always true. “Anyone returning to old haunts is a different person returning. A chapter read once is never read the same way again. And because new chapters always open, once present chapters must always close, even as newer, later life chapters write themselves.”

Three-Bagger Days — Hard But Not Bad

The one memory I have of my first Brawner Homes little league game — played away against Mitch & Bill’s Exxon, top of the second inning, score knotted 1-1, one out, runner on second — is of a pop fly hit to left field where I had been told to go stand. I had goneContinue reading “Three-Bagger Days — Hard But Not Bad”